Responsive WordPress Development Services in South Africa

One of the leading website development platforms on Internet is WordPress. Owing to its extensive theme and plug-in lists, WordPress could be tailored to fit any need. Though most people are not aware of the fact, WordPress could be used for a simple blog as well as for a high-traffic corporate website. WordPress provides you with such a domain, which could be altered for any kind of need, and with so many adept developers working at this domain, you are sure to obtain whatever you need. Our company is acknowledged across Cape Town and also to global clients for customized WordPress design and development services, which could support all your website issues. Most importantly, our WordPress is designed to be extremely user-friendly, our seasoned web development professionals in Cape Town take time to have an insight of your business and proceed with a strategic approach to create a design that perfectly balance between performance and presentation. We are well-known as a WordPress website design and development company in Cape Town to help business manage every aspect of the website content and tailoring the role capabilities & permissions in compliance with your yearning we facilitate granular user control.

Apart from offering services in Cape Town, we extend our business to other cities in South Africa including Johannesburg. We help you to grow your business worldwide. We help thousands of clients in South Africa to attain new heights with customized and effective WordPress development services. Whether you are novice or skilled, our personalized WordPress web design services in Johannesburg make it easy to maneuver your website. We are listed among the top web development service providers offering best in class services in WordPress web design in in various major cities in South Africa like Johannesburg as well.

Features of Wordpress Development

Easy Administration

Incorporation of relevant WordPress web designs helps you administer your website through the admin dashboard & the use of high quality code & semantic markup of our WordPress Web Design Professionals makes the site SEO friendly as well.

Control Your Content

Through our bespoke WordPress website design & development services you will be able to manage your website with minimal to zero HTML experience.


Our responsive WordPress development services provide you with thousands of free plug-in and themes, that could be readily used.

User Accounts and roles

Enabling you with the facility of customizing role capabilities and permissions intended for granular user control.

Cross-platform Usability

We, the most referred WordPress development company in Cape Town create WordPress website that can be equally usable in cross-platform & integrate necessary tools to improve your marketing results.

Search Engine Optimized

Our website developer in Cape Town are dexterous in creating the site with seasonable configuration for maximum search engine exposure.


Enhance the functionality of a Website

Our skilled WordPress website developers from Cape Town make the creation of Wordpress plug-ins possible, which could be used to extend the functionality of a website. These plug-in are available at an affordable price, thus, if you want to add video gallery, Twitter feed, event calendar or Facebook fan box; our team helps you to achieve this.

Completely Customizable Website

We have a distinct identity as a reputed Wordpress web development service in Cape Town and expertise to use Wordpress as an engine for the website. Our WordPress web design team develops such a website for you, which would be customized in order to promote your brand, as well as offer a unique experience to your target audience.

Experience Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the prime features of Wordpress, utilizing this characteristic we could create any type of website for you, such as business website, professional portfolio, government website, a magazine or news website, an online community or a network of websites.

Facilitate Business with Simple Administration

We have the expertise to use WordPress as a mean to manage the traffic spikes. The simplicity of our administration dashboard enables you to get online and publish your business fast. We assure to maintain a balance between the server loading time as well as smooth running of a website, in spite of the huge traffic.

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