Website Redesigning: Six Vital Reasons to Count Right Now

Post by admin | May 15, 2019

Website is considered digital front door of any organization, regardless of domain and dimension. When aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible, fully functional, etc., it can drive traffic beyond geographical boundaries in absolutely no time; thus, escalate rates of conversion along with sales. Well, even if an entrepreneur has designed a site with utmost caution, he or she might need to do everything again on account of below-mentioned reasons.

•  Audience must be capable of moving from one page to another, in other words, find necessary information without any sort of hassle. Poor navigational features can unfortunately hamper overall credibility of a site; so, try getting rid of them quickly. Few beneficial tactics to implement include:

1. Categorize various tabs with generic headings
2. Limit total amount of menu sections
3. Create clickable links
4. Remove misleading texts and titles
5. Incorporate ALT tag in images
6. Choose appropriate colors

•  You can impress larger segments of population only through frequent update. How exactly do business owners expect that a brand fabricated in 1999 would resonate with audience of 2019? After making necessary changes in brand, you should start redesigning your site for attracting more leads. This is also an exceptional opportunity of introducing modern trends.

•  It is literally not enough to drive traffic beyond geographical boundaries but you must also try captivating their attention for prolonged period. If people are leaving your site soon or not making a purchase, it is time to reconsider its design. Highly competent experts of web development companies in Cape Town said that fresh pictures, background color, font, content, etc. would most certainly have positive impact on targeted audience.

•  Contemporary consumers do not like waiting. They would most probably leave your site if it takes more than five seconds to load. Starting from visual elements to coding, several aspects can be held responsible for slow site. Well, redesigning could let you start afresh seamlessly. Some amazing tactics through which site speed is enhanced include:

1. Host videos on YouTube, Wistia, etc. probably because these files are generally larger.
2. Leverage browser cache as they store a lot of data, most of which are deemed unnecessary.
3. Utilize a content distribution network (CDN) for delivering a large number of articles, blogs, press releases, guest posts, etc.
4. Optimize images properly. As per research, PNGs are considered best for graphics having less than 16 colors while JPEGs work better with photographs.

•  Micro experiences are believed to be an intrinsic part of website designing and you must start integrating them as soon as possible. A micro experience could be loosely defined as a nuance on site like notification button or ding noise, which makes online experiences very special. You can also add animations.

•  People of today’s era conduct most of their activities via mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. Thus, if your website cannot adapt to all screen sizes, try redesigning it immediately. Investing in responsive approach ensures positive user experience. Now isn’t that simply amazing?

Even though it seems easy, redesigning website is an incredibly challenging endeavor. Rather than taking things into your own hand, and paving way for disastrous outcome, try seeking third party assistance. From among diverse options available, nearly every entrepreneur schedule appointment with top-notch experts, who have been carrying out web design in Cape Town since many years. Their relevant solutions remain ahead of curve under all circumstances.

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