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Post by admin | September 2, 2018

We do hear a lot about the PageSpeed from Google. It is very important from both usability and SEO standpoint. WordPress is currently powering over 59.3 percent of the web world and because of that, Google is appointing a dedicated to work with WordPress as it deserves special attention.

Before we get started in this article, let me clarify that we will not be focusing on page speed, instead, you will take a look at Google’s PageSpeed as it is related to WordPress sites.

As there are lot of websites in the web world today, the competition between them is ruthless. You would want your websites to run fast and so do I. To help use with this tussle, Google’s PageSpeed will rank the website’s speed from 0 to 100 in which anything above 80 is regarded as good speed. However, if your website gets a score of above 70 then it will be considered as a reasonably optimized website and a score around 60 will be a low grade.

WordPress PageSpeed

There are so many websites that are ranking close or even below the 60 mark. Why is this happening? This question might have gone through your mind as well because a slow website can literally kill of the traffic. In this article, will find out a couple of reasons as to why your website is scoring low in Google’s Page Speed.

Images Slowing Down the PageSpeed

Anyone who has used PageSpeed in the past will be able to tell you that images are one of the most common culprits that slow your website down. Sometimes, you upload images while your WordPress website design. These pictures could be larger in size than you actually need and also the dimension of the image makes it harder for the website to get loaded quickly. When you download an image an upload it on your website, you may upload an oversized image which is absolutely unnecessary.

So, while you are looking for WordPress development in Cape Town, make sure that you website don’t have images that could hamper the speed of the website.

Browser Caching

When a new visitor loads your website on his or her web browser, Google will inform you to tell your visitor for how long they should the resources of your website in their browser in the form of cache memory. For instance, you send a message to the visitor that the images on your website can be saved for two in the cache memory. In this way, when that visitor returns to your website, it will load far more quickly. You can set time limits for caching a wide range of resources from your website such as scripts, style sheets and most types of images used in your website.

So, if you are looking for WordPress web design in Cape Town then make sure to keep an eye on these two things to enhance the speed of the website.

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