Stepwise WordPress Website Design Guide for Beginners

Post by admin | June 22, 2019

For some people, to learn how to build the website is like taking up the monumental challenge. As you know that web development has evolved in recent years, the process has become easier and user-friendly too. As more and more businesses have decided to develop the brand online, building the website has now become a necessity. Whether you want to build your website by your own or you want to choose a digital marketing agency specializes in creative web design due to the lack of skills and time, it is good to have a website that looks great, bring rank and conveys the brand in the right manner.


Here Is the Guide That Will Help the Beginners to Design the WordPress Website-


  1. Choose the Best Website Design Platform

To ensure that your website turns out the way you want, you should choose the website design platform that will help to make your work as easy as possible. If this is the first website that you are designing, WordPress is the best one to choose from. With plenty of options available, it works well with all sites having low or medium traffic levels. WordPress is free to use and has lots of themes and plugins to use for.


  1. Choose the Best Website Name and Hosting Facilities

After you choose the platform, the next step is to choose a great website and hosting facilities. But, be sure before choosing the name and also the hosting. When you are choosing the website name, be sure to stick with the extensions that are popular as like the .com, .org, etc. when choosing the website name, here are some of the factors you must consider as like-

(i) Be sure it is easy to type

(ii) Make the website name memorable and catchy

(iii) Use the keyword that will help you in SEO rankings

(iv) Keep it short and simple

As considering the hosting, for the first time, you can go for the shared hosting. In terms of installation and the cost, you can go for the BlueHost as it has an easy installation process and domain registration. To get the best results, you can choose the starter packages from the host as it offers good speed, functionality, and storage facilities.


  1. Website Configuration

After you choose the website name and hosting, the configuration is the next step. For this particular step, you have to go to the WordPress Administration screen, type of username, and password. Once you go to the main menu, the next step will be configured or customize the appearance of the website and then activate the theme you choose for the site. If you want to add the custom features to the website, select the option of “customize” from the main menu to add the special layouts, photos, colors and many more. If you want to make a website that everyone remembers, you should add some widgets. To add the widgets, you should go to the Main Menu, choose the Appearance tab and then choose the widgets.


  1. Adding the Menu

When you visit the website, you want to make it easy to navigate. The navigation is important as it will determine the success and failure of the website popularity. After you, choose the Appearances and then choose Menu from the Admin screen. It is time to add a menu to the website. Here, you will get lots of options to choose from. From here, you can decide where the menu will be located on the site. The decision depends upon your personal preferences and other parts of the site as like About, Contact and Blog Section.


  1. Background

While some of the sites have backgrounds that make it difficult to view the page. The smart web developers choose the simple, single colour background helps to keep the viewer’s attention on the particular content rather than on the background.


  1. Adding the Pages And Content

The success of the website mainly depends upon the content and how it is mended to the site’s user for accessing. To add new pages, first, go to the WordPress Admin Page and select the number of pages you want to add and add them. By designing a specific template style, you will able to divide the site’s pages depending upon the contents. When you create the content for marketing the products and the services, be sure to use SEO-friendly content that can provide valuable information to the readers.


This stepwise guide will help you to design the WordPress site. If you want to design your WordPress site, either you can do it yourself by following the steps, or you can consult with the professional for the same.

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