Pro Tips for Augmenting the Overall Quality of Web Design in 2019

Post by admin | April 16, 2019

In less than 5 seconds of landing on a site, can visitors analyze the potential of the company? Can visitors easily browse to the blog page? Whether the layout of the pricing is easy to comprehend or not? Is there a high bounce rate?

If the replies to all these questions are “no”, it is the high time to consider the way the site has been designed or is optimized for the search engines. It is imperative for a site to have a design that easily feeds into the user experience, functionality and complements the content appropriately.

If you feel that your site need improvement, this post offers some pro tips that would help to augment the overall quality of the web design.


  1. Always Head With a Plan

Rather than embarking on a project of web design just for the sake of doing it does not make any sense. Start with mapping out the journey of a buyer from the point they visit the site until they turn out to be a potential customer. Prepare a concrete plan because web design aims for the next step and not for the final step.



  1. De-clutter the Site

Stuff like complicated animations, lengthy content, stocky website images, and many others are some of the elements that detract the attention of the visitors. Professional website design companies in Johannesburg as well as in other places suggest that businesses have got merely 5-8 seconds maximum, so it is extremely important to create an impression that last longer.



  1. Add Social Media & Follow Buttons

Not having social share buttons on the site cost a significant amount of traffic from social media. The keys act as a non-pushy instrument that motivates social sharing from the persona of the buyers.



  1. Use Correct Images

It’s not that every image fit the type of message businesses are trying to promote. Of course, there are assortments of options to choose from, but in most of the cases, designers plague the site with stocky pictures. In a nutshell, just because a site has an image, there is no point that it will look genuine and will evoke trust.



  1. Add Call-To-Action

Call-to-action buttons help users to take the next step on the site. It is because, in most of the cases, visitors are not aware of what they need to do after being on the page. Most of the designers are well aware of the fact that it is extremely easy to fail to accurately use them to guide users through the site.



  1. Focus on Mobile Optimization

More than 80% of the online users are also smartphone users, and as per the insights of Google, 61% of the users do not get back to a mobile site in case they face any trouble in dealing with that. Digital marketing companies in Johannesburg and even in other places have made it compulsory to focus on the mobile optimization part.



These tips might seem basic, but they are highly effective to kick start the designing campaign and to move towards the goal of driving maximum traffic to the site. Having expert guidance in this context would make the task even more favordable.

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