List of Common Mistakes Novice Web Developers Make

Post by admin | July 30, 2018

In most of the occasions, when you suggest newbie web developers about their mistake, they will react in a weird way suggesting that their coding is perfect. The reason behind this might be the long-frustrated hours of working with a complex code as well as a scripting language.

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One needs to different considerations when going through the performance of the web developers. Whether the developer is using C3, .NET, PHP or any other given language, certain mistakes are always common with the professionals doing website development in Johannesburg as well as in other locations also. This post mainly focuses on some of the common mistakes that web developers make.

  • They Forget to have a Backup

Not taking backup of the work is one of the biggest mistakes that web developers make. It is important to make use of automatic backup tool but missing out taking the backup or saving files that include hours or hard work is indeed the most foolish thing. Having back up will help developers to have the work even if the system crashes, catches fire or any disaster happen to the same.

  • Not Focusing on the Technical SEO Part

It is true that some of the web developers consider the SEO is best left for the online digital marketers and for the content developers. But SEO is one such factor one should embrace from the very beginning to the end, i.e. from the time of designing the website. SEO is more than having backlinks and it needs optimization that is possible by a web developer.

  • Improper Formatting of the Codes

Having improper indentation, useless lines, blank spaces are some of the most obvious giveaways for a developer at beginner level. Having a zigzag or haphazard way of formatting is one of a kind of mistake because codes usually do not follow a logical structure.

Apart from having functional implications to the overall design, this is something extremely unprofessional. Professional web design companies in Cape Town as well as in other locations should have a close look at this specific issue to make the design looks bigger and better.

  • No Optimization of the Overall Loading Time of The Site

Just imagine the scenario, when a user opens up the site and it gets stuck in between before showing the full preview of the homepage. The reasons behind this could be high-resolution or uncompressed images and it might be the result of slow net connectivity. Users simply don’t wait more than 2 to 10 seconds and will for the same. So, not optimizing the loading time of the site is also extremely important.

  • Overconfidence

This is common with most of the developers and they consider on the top of the world just because a project has gone well. But it is important to keep in mind that a person could never be perfect and there always lies a margin of error. So, it is always better to keep the line of learning open and keep evolving with codes over the course of time.

Make sure to hire a professional who has great expertise in web development and has sound knowledge in offering SEO services in Cape Town as well as in other locations. This will turn things better for the design and the results will be fruitful.

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