Know Whether your Website Needs SEO Audit or Not

Post by admin | June 21, 2018

With the availability of modern technology, it is extremely unfortunate to mention that anyone can create a website and then just leave the same to do its thing. But one has to understand that website need continuous active monitoring as well as updating if the owner wants it to attract users.

In this context, it is important to mention that search engine optimization audit will help you to enhance the site so that it fetches higher rankings on search engines and get noticed by a maximum number of people. It is important to opt for SEO audits at regular interval of time because of fluid nature of the entire online landscape.


Check out some of the scenarios that will help you to decide whether your site needs an audit or not from a professional SEO agency.

  • Your site is comparatively old

In case you have a site built a couple of years ago, it is sure that the developer has made use of strategies that are obsolete now. On the top of that, websites built on certain platforms need a continuous check. So, it is important to find out whether the site needs a crucial update or not. Get in touch with professional SEO agency in Johannesburg or in your preferred location to check whether the site has some serious issues or not.

  • Your website is completely new or has been redesigned

It is important to make it a point that web designers and developers do not consider all the SEO factors while designing the site. So, it is best to opt for an SEO audit immediately after the site goes live.


  • You’re getting minimum traffic from the search engines

For numerous websites, organic search engine traffic turns up for a significant percentage of the overall traffic. In case you are also getting minimum traffic for your site, this is the best time to get in touch with digital marketing companies in Johannesburg or in any other location and discuss the ways to boost online traffic. Out of 10 8 people or companies will ask you to opt for SEO audit as this will let you know the exact figures behind why there is lack of online traffic.

  • The rate of Conversions are diminishing

Most of the business owners want higher visitor conversion ratio and if it doesn’t happen then make sure that there is something wrong with the opportunities to convert obvious enough on the site. Low conversion rate suggests that the content on the site is not that efficient in attracting the target audience to the site.

This is the high time to get in touch with a professional service provider for quality SEO services in Cape Town as well as in other locations to maximize the opportunity and to bring more and more customers to the site.

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