Innovative Web Design Trends Businesses Should Focus in 2019

Post by admin | March 27, 2019

Indeed hard to believe, but 2019 suggest that we are heading towards the wrap of the decade. It remains no doubt that the World Wide Web or internet has seen tremendous changes in the last ten years. The industry witnessed the onset of VR, AR, AI and AMP, the reign of mobile and many other technologies, only to offer excellent user-experience.

It is also true that in some years, web designing trends have pushed towards extensive inventiveness – abandoning grids as well as conventional stock photos to have vibrant illustrations, asymmetrical layouts, bold color schemes and lot more.

Over the years, the perks of tech-based advancements have made websites smarter, based on subtle interactions and machine learning and many other shifting paradigms have truly driven the web designing trends.

This post has gathered some of the dominating web design trends for 2019. Let’s have a look and see whether it actually help your firm to expand or not.


  • Color Branding

Earlier, website designers and even brand were stuck with the use of web-safe colors. Times have changed, and professionals are getting courageous in their approach for the use of color. This shift includes the use of pulsating and supersaturating shades combined with headers that are not just horizontal but are re-imaged with slashes as well as hard angles.

Agencies have also seen moving on the path of creating a web design solely based on the brand, and it keeps changing when the user navigates with the products. In a nutshell, things are getting bold.


  • Placements of the Pictures

The way web designers were displaying the pictures on the site is also changing with time. Now they put images in the circles that make them black and white and even add a drop shadow behind the images.

To draw the attention of the visitors’ professional web design companies in Cape Town as well as in other location are also utilizing other ways of displaying pictures. They tend to minimize the overall size of the pictures and using a wide range of methods to remain distinct, using layered designing elements to present images with flair and lot more.


  • Custom Illustrations

Visitors are incredibly powerful as they can analyze a site in less than 17 milliseconds. Using customer illustrations as well as motion graphics in this context would be effective to drive the attention as well as to entreat the visitors to stay for a little longer on the site. Using one-of-a-kind of illustrations help a lot in achieving a wide range of tasks such as


  1. Generating distinct videos
  2. Improving the call to action
  3. Telling the story of the brand
  4. Creating an easily recognizable brand
  5. Letting customers know about the brand

The time when users start enjoying visiting a site and prefer interacting with the brand, they tend to convert into potential clients and get back to the site again and again. In a way, they also help in generating more revenue for the brand.

2019 need web designers and even website developers Durban or from other location to make the biggest hikes on the path of inclusiveness, starting from excellent availability standards to publicly cognizant as well as varied imagery.

The world still has a long way to go in this respective arena, but it is on the designers that they can make use of the craft to demonstrate that the online world is all about real people making some real connections.

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