Influence of Golden Ratio in Graphic & Web Design

Post by admin | November 8, 2019

Creating a stunning website or graphical image is not a cakewalk. Creativity plays a big role here. If you want to improve your designing skills, then you will also need knowledge of mathematics and science.

The artwork of Salvador Dali or Da Vinci or other artists look amazing. We also feel the same thing when we see ancient Roman sculptures. If you look carefully at all these artworks, then you will find one more thing apart from creativity, which is known as the golden ratio. The purpose of this post is to discuss the golden ratio and its influence in graphic & web design.

Golden Ratio in Historical Passage

If you track the root of the golden ratio, then you will get to the Greek civilization. In fact, ancient Egyptians also used to follow this ratio while building pyramids.

If you jump to the present time, then you will understand that even today, many designers follow this ratio for creating a logo, book cover, and other things. If you look carefully around yourself, then you might find it everywhere around you; let that be your tee shirt or furniture.


 golden ratio image

This ratio has been derived from the famous Fibonacci sequence. It is a naturally occurring number sequence that you can found almost anywhere. In this sequence, any specific number comes from the sum of the two previous numbers. It is like 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…

From this sequence, Greeks had created this golden ratio. It stands for the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions, which is equal to 1:1.618 approx. In the golden ratio, you will find a big rectangle that is composed of a square and another rectangle. Both of them are smaller in size than the big rectangle.

Examples of Golden Ratio

Masters of the golden ratio were the Greeks. If you study the ancient Greek temples, then you will find the pleasing dimensional relationship of the golden ratio between their height and width.

If you check The Last supper (one of the most popular paintings of Leonardo da Vinci) carefully, then you can easily spot the golden ratio. In this painting, Leonardo da Vinci has placed the figures in the lower two thirds.

Even in natural objects, you can see its examples. So study honeycombs, pineapples, and different types of flowers to understand the ratio in a better way.

Relevancy of Golden Ratio in Web and Graphics Design

Web and graphic designers need to understand the fact that viewers will only pay attention to those designs which will appear soothing to the eyes. There’s saying about the first impression. If the first impression of your site is not aesthetically pleasing, then your visitors will leave the site. It will reduce your conversion rate and directly affect the performance of your business.

Graphics and web designers need a visual sense of symmetry and proportion. If you practice and master the art of golden ratio, then you will be able to bring balance in your artwork.

Due to this reason, we always recommend designers to keep the golden ratio in mind when designing the layout of a site. You can also apply this ratio while putting text on your web page. If you want to balance the white space of your website, even then, you can take reference from the golden ratio.

When it comes to logo design, even then, you should keep the best practice of golden ratio in mind. Here it is important to understand that you need to balance the graphical element and the text of your logo properly to make it look good. Here also golden ratio can help you out to make your logo look aesthetically pleasing.

Implement the Golden Ratio

There are two different things that you can do to implement the golden ratio in your artwork. In the section below, we will discuss both of them.

  1. If you have to accomplish a designing project within a short deadline, then you won’t get much time for experimenting with the golden ratio. In that case, you have to divide the entire image into three equal sections horizontally and vertically. The intersection of those lines will be the natural focal point of your shapes and figures.
  2. If you have enough time in hand, then you can consider implementing the ratio fully. In that case, you have to stick with the ratio 1: 1.618 while designing the artwork. So if you get a content area of 640 pixels, then you have to keep the sidebar of around 400 pixels. You also have to apply the same logic in navigation areas, as well as in header and footer.

Apps for Golden Ratio

You can also take help from apps to implement the golden ratio in your art. These apps are available for both android and iOS platforms. In the below section, we will discuss a few of those apps:

  1. Golden Ratio Typography Calculator is a great app that will help you to add text on your design by following the theory of golden ratio.
  2. Atrise Golden Section is a functional grid software that comes with an on-screen ruler. By using this app, you will be able to save your calculation time. It will help you to easily bring balance in your artwork.

You can also use third-party camera apps for capturing photos by implementing the theory of the golden ratio.

Golden Ratio Tips

In this section, we will discuss about the few handy tips which will help you to deploy the golden ratio in a design project:

  1. We always recommend designers to use the ratio for making a base while designing a website. Let us suppose you are designing a website for a screen spanning 1366 by 768 pixels. In that case, you can choose a width of 846 pixels for the main content area. Here comes another question how much of the space should you keep for the sidebar. Well, the answer is 520 pixels.
  2. You can also create boxes for placing your designing elements into the layout. Create boxes of 13 and 8 pixels for placing large objects. On the other hand, if you have to place a small object, then you can use boxes of 1 to 3 pixels.

If you want to wireframe your website or crop images, even then, you should follow this ratio. In fact, we also recommend individuals to apply the logic of golden ratio while designing a logo.

Final Word

So overall, it is fair to conclude that the art of creating an aesthetically pleasing thing starts from the golden ratio. If you are a beginner, then you should stick with this ratio. It will help you to bring balance to your artwork. This ratio is the secret behind the aesthetically looking websites, logos, and images.

So if you want to take your graphics and web designing skills to the next level, then you should consider sticking with the golden ratio. It will help you to create a strong base for your artwork. After that, you can consider spicing up your design.

If you are not confident yet about implementing the ratio in your artwork, then you can consider using the apps that we have mentioned above. Those apps will help you to master the art of the golden ratio. After that, you can implement them on your artwork without taking help from any app.

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