Ideas to Create an SEO Friendly Blog for Your WordPress Site

Post by admin | July 5, 2019

Having a brand new business website is indeed one of the most exciting things, and it is something that ripe with the customers. In a very natural course, when the content is moved to a new platform, it takes a significant amount of time before Google index and crawl the pages and allow ranking against different search queries.

Working with a reliable and professional SEO agency will certainly lower down the lag time. It is because SEO has been extremely challenging as Google makes frequent updates in its algorithms, maximized competition for investing in organic search strategies, buyers with modern behaviour, etc.

With the rise in machine learning and modern AI components, creating content with top-notch quality on the SEO-friendly site has become extremely crucial. And the same is applicable for writing content that people like enough to engage. Modern buyers do a considerable amount of research, and blogs have been one of the most common starting points. Blogs with potential solutions not only delight but convert readers.

This blog purely focuses on organic traffic through blogging as one of the major sources for empowering SEO on new WordPress site and then for sending traffic most likely to convert. Let’s begin with the ideas.


  • The Strategy of the Blog should be User-Oriented

Two biggest mistakes that businesses commit in blogging are

  1. making blog too sales-focused
  2. blogs talk less about the buyers and more about the brand

Even before targeting the audience, it is important to understand how potential buyers engage with the industry-related content. The best way to start is by developing buyer personas.

These are usually the fictitious representation of the original buyers impacting different areas such as the level of income, age, job title, gender, job role, how success is measured for specific role and lot more.

With the help of some of the common pain pointers related to the buyers, it will become way easier to create content that will enable businesses to position the brand and to present the products as the ultimate solution to the problem.

You might ask how come this is SEO friendly? Don’t forget that the algorithm of Google is designed to award domain authority as well as a ranking on the basis of how people engage with the site.

So, by writing continuous blogs that deliver fresh, unique and recurring content to the site, Google and other search engines will consider that the blog on the site offer the best piece of info as per the preferences of the users and will allow top ranking to the same.


  • Create an Outstanding SEO Plugin for WordPress

This is one of the essential areas to consider, and it should come even before you start writing blogs. In most of the cases, businesses prefer using Yoast. It is because Yoast can look after the requirements like meta descriptions, title, XML sitemaps, and other aspects starting JSON+LD to rel-canonical.

SEO experts initially developed Yoast, and the continuous updates are effective to serve the purpose of the user at the time when Google launches algorithm updates. This plays an effective role in preventing the site from facing penalty and allowing it to rank higher.


  • Integrate Creative Images that Reflect the Blog Accurately

It was found in different studies that the primary image of the blog is responsible for more than 70% for generating clicks. It was also found that images in the blog are 80% responsible to keep the readers engaged with the page. This is because


  1. images help in breaking up the textual content and it does not seem to be overbearing
  2. users focus more on the visual part and images connect well with them even before the title sinks in

Some people use cheesy images, and this could be extremely harmful as it kills the click-through-rate (CTR). Research studies have shown that blogs with poorly-thought and non-creative images cause CTR to fall by more than 50%.


  • The Blog Should Follow the Cluster Model

The cluster model is a set of blogs that usually address a specific topic that later in the course, connect with one another. In addition, every blog in the cluster is directly linked with a pillar page (it might be home page, service or product page)

Cluster model has been extremely effective for SEO perspective because it structures the content in a way that Google crawl it easily and note the relevancy of the envisioned audiences. Along with that, the cluster model is user-friendly, and it allows readers to navigate the relevant content that might have the solution to their curiosities or needs.


  • Pay Attention to the URL Structure, Titles, Tags and Meta Description of the Blog

For any given SEO friendly, it is important to have a proper URL structure, titles, tag, and meta descriptions. The URL of the page must have all the target keywords, reflect the title as well as the context of the blog. When you use Yoast SEO plugin on the site WordPress site, the URL will be generated automatically based on the title of the blog as well as other existing title.

It is important to know that Google usually displays 50-60 characters of the title tag. In one of the studies conducted by Moz, it was found that keeping the tags under 60 characters helps in the increase of 90% of the titles being displayed properly.

Indeed, meta descriptions do not have any direct impact on SEO, but it has a great impact on the organic search strategy. Meta descriptions let users know about the content on the page. Thus, it leads online visitors to the site where the engagement sends strong signals to search engines.  Some useful tips to prepare a strong and catchy meta description are:


  1. mention brand name and add a phone number
  2. don’t exceed more than 120 characters
  3. offer a deal say for 20% off
  4. show a common problem with resolutions
  5. ensure that it reflects the content of the page with 100% accuracy
  6. make use of action words that deliver a sense of urgency

Always have some idea from the meta descriptions used by the competitors and try to beat the same by adding more value to the description part.


Adding or including all these factors would certainly help businesses to create an SEO friendly blog for the WordPress website. In case of any query or suggestion, do share with us below in the comment section.

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