How Web Design Is Different Than Graphic Design

Post by admin | May 3, 2019

Web design and graphic design have some similarities. In both cases, the designer requires a good understanding of graphics, colors, typography and the principles of design. But in the end, they are two different things.  Continue reading to know how web design is different than graphic design.

Load Time and File Sizes

Optimization plays a big part in web designing. The images, graphic elements, animations should look good on the website. In addition to that, they also need to be small enough to load quickly. A slow loading website can cause a bad user experience. As a result, it will increase the bounce rate of the website. So a web designer has to be really careful about the sizes of the files that he will use on the site. But when it comes to graphics design, size doesn’t play a crucial role.

Physical and Dynamic Medium

A printed document is a physical medium. In this case, the user experience tends to be linear. When it comes to the comparison of graphic design and web design, it seems like comparing a smartphone with a painting. Both of them display beautiful visuals, but one of them is interactive, and the other one is linear.  So in case if you are planning to design a beautiful site mockup then don’t hire a graphic designer. By performing a simple Google search, you will easily find web design company Durban as well as in the other cities. According to your preference, you can pick any of them to design a beautiful site for your business.


Graphics designers can use almost any font on their design without worrying how it will display in the final product. However, web designers need to consider how their font will look on different browsers and screens.

Web Designers Work Closely with Web Developers

Web design and development work hand in hand. Due to this reason, a professional web designer always works closely with a developer. However, graphics designers are not obligated to work with developers.

Broad Application

Professional graphic designers work on detailed specifications. They create a specific peg that fits a particular hole. But when it comes to web design, professionals create pegs that can cover every hole regardless of its size and shape.

Ongoing Caregivers

It is fair to say that a website is a living thing that goes through continual changes. You need to update the navigation of your ecommerce site after adding products to it. Meanwhile, you also have to change your call to action button in case if your brand’s identity changes.

Ongoing Relationship

A website is all about traffic and visitors. So a web designer will surely get feedback of his work. In fact, they can also use several web applications to know the technical and aesthetic aspects of their design.

This is all for now. Hope you have understood how web design is different than graphic design. So if you are planning to create a website to give your business an online presence, then you have to consider hiring a professional web designer. In addition to that, you will also need a website development Durban company for developing the site. Time has come to sign off. Hope you have enjoyed reading it.

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