How to Design an Ecommerce Website? Top 8 Tips to Follow

Post by admin | August 2, 2019

Many entrepreneurs are lately investing in ecommerce, which could be loosely defined as a procedure of selling and buying products over the internet. Now, no matter how easy it seems, designing an ecommerce website, which looks captivating as well as functions seamlessly, requires immense effort. Some do seek third-party assistance, but you can carry out this particular endeavor on your own too. Just implement below-mentioned simple yet effective tips.

1. Photography-

Photography is perhaps the most significant aspect of contemporary stores, next to video. Without high-quality images of products and customers enjoying them, you can unfortunately not instill much trust in your organization. Other advantages include brand acknowledgment, increased sales, more social media shares, etc.

2. Video-

Do you remember how exactly Twitter and Instagram revolutionized the entire digital landscape when they incorporated video into design? Through videos, store owners can explain beneficial features of a product, request faithful customers for recorded testimonials, and present their brand story in the form of fifteen-second commercial.

3. Filtering-

Filtering is specifically important if a store offers a wide range of products starting from outfit and footwear to electronic gadgets and food & beverages. It reduces shopping time to a great extent.

Although most individuals love making purchases, they admitted feeling frustrated when products are not arranged in categories. For instance, to buy a little black dress (LBD), a prospective customer should click on clothes instead of roaming around the whole website.

4. Easy Checkout-

Amazon, a US-based multinational technology corporation that focuses on ecommerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and AI, has impressed larger segments of the population.

One of the many reasons behind this is an individual can reach ‘order verification’ page from shopping cart literally through three clicks. Easy checkout is a mandatory feature. You must not annoy consumers by forcing them to go through different steps when all they want to do is an exit.

5. Minimalism-

The phrase ‘less is more’ might appear like a cliché, but in actuality, is an effective philosophy. Adopting a minimalistic approach would let you alleviate clutter and also keep customer frustration at bay.

Successful ecommerce website developers ensure usability under all circumstances, concentrate upon content, make every element intentional and cohesive, etc. to boost a total number of buyers.

6. Navigation-

Customers would most likely never come back to your ecommerce website again if they cannot roam from one page to another without hassle. To simplify navigation, hence, optimize user experience, try executing some innovative tactics.

• Integrate meaningful label for each set of product.
• Do not create flyover or dropdown menus.
• Follow different design conventions.
• Include search bar.
• Announce exclusive sales, special offers, and discounts.

7. Distraction-

You must make sure all your customers, regardless of their age and gender, are happy and satisfied. Another thing to pay utmost attention towards is making sure every visitor buys something. For accomplishing these two stated objectives, please get rid of all distractions. A major one is a huge popup that persuades an individual to enter email id for newsletters.

8. On-Grid-

Ecommerce stores can benefit from a grid layout. Are you wondering how to do it? Think of a Microsoft Excel sheet, and start organizing products in accordance with columns and rows available on each page. Make sure to avoid overcrowding; in other words, give visitors breathing room by leaving behind abundant white space.

Each tip mentioned above can help you design an excellent ecommerce website, thus, bring forth plenty of traffic beyond geographical boundaries, escalate conversion, and improve earnings. Keeping the targeted audience in mind is also mandatory. Now if certain business owners find all this a tad bit challenging, they can hire a professional like us unhesitatingly. Carry out a thorough background check before arriving at any decision.

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