How to Design a Client-Oriented Website? Ten Steps to Follow

Post by admin | August 5, 2019

Most of us, when going on vacation, pack things that we end up not using even for once. How can we possibly know which items are necessary? Practice and planning are two distinct habits that might pave the way for resolution. Similarly, an increasing number of modern-day individuals, when designing their first website exert excess effort, which unfortunately always backfires.

Few also try carrying out associated tasks without professional assistance, thus, end up wasting substantial money. Anyway, after making a fair share of mistakes, they finally learn basics, or in other words, how exactly to build something simple yet aesthetically appealing, functional, and beneficial for business. Ten important aspects they consider include:


1. Authority

• You are an expert in the concerned industrial niche, so share your insights and drive clients beyond geographical boundaries.

• Upload your best content, be it blog, article, press release, video, or infographics, on the official website and not any social media platform.

• The chief objective of social media is to let website owners interact with their audience seamlessly.

• If your websites treasure quality write-ups, you want to make sure they escalate conversion rate to a great extent.


2. Target Market

• Understanding the needs of end-user is exceptionally important because your website is useless if it cannot cater to him or her.

• Certain essential questions a website designer must put forward before starting the entire work are as follows:

I. Who is my targeted audience?

II. What is their gender, age, defining characteristic traits, socioeconomic status, job responsibility, etc.?

III. What are they looking for?

IV. What they dislike and prefer in design?

V. What feelings do you wish to evoke through your website?

VI. What outcome have you been aiming for?

VII. Who are your competitors?

The information collected decides the structure of the website, so, be cautious when procuring answers.


3. Hierarchy & Layout

While content is undeniably significant, you would also have to pay utmost attention towards a site’s layout. For example, you must check if the logo is present on the top left corner, if your best offers are floating on sidebars, etc.

Recent studies manifested that left sidebar is better than the right because we tend to read in shape of alphabet ‘F.’ You can also mention your special deals in blog posts. Do not stuff too much data as it may confuse viewers.


4. Color

Using a shade that not only reflects your business successfully but also evokes the right emotion in your visitor is mandatory. Renowned brands and what their color means include:

Hallmark, Cadbury – Purple (Sophistication and luxury)

Ferrari, Coke- Red (Passion, energy, strength, and courage)

Nickelodeon, Fanta- Orange (Playfulness and fun)

Rolex, Mercedes, Apple- Black and Silver- (Calm, neutral, and classy)

American Express, Facebook- Blue (Reliability)

BP, Greenpeace- Green (Earthy, natural, and friendly)

Invest in a limited palette because people would not be able to remember thousands of colors. Highlight ‘call to action’ (CTA) button by using color different from the rest of the site.


5. Image

It is vital to upload images, to captivate the attention of users, and positively impact their purchase decision. Never rely on cheap stock pictures and avoid imitating most business organizations that post cliché pictures of people shaking hands.

Being exclusive and materializing out-of-the-box ideas can help you reach unimaginable prosperity. If a person is planning on creating his or her personal brand, opting for professional photoshoot seems to be a viable option.


6. Clear Space

To impress larger segments of the population, you first need to get rid of all clutter and make sure that your webpages are impeccable. Incorporate simple elements and delete everything that seems irrelevant.

While many business owners might not be aware of, clear space is extremely necessary, and change the overall outlook of the site for better. Remember, disorderliness would compel consumers to leave and never return. If this continues to keep happening, Google would soon push you down in organic search list.


7. Copywriting

Copywriting is an important digital marketing strategy, which, apart from building a credible image, lets you have a strong bond with customers. While some entrepreneurs fabricate write-ups on their own, for guaranteed outcome, you must schedule an appointment with a professional.

He or she could generate high-quality copy without grammatical or spelling mistakes. Some other benefits include:

• You get a brand-new perspective about the concerned industrial niche.

• You enjoy web optimization in a seamless manner.

• You can interact with a wide range of consumers on different platforms.

• You can enhance online presence to a great extent.


8. Social Proof

Social proof, in the form of texts, videos, or images, is quite essential because prospective customers would trust your business more when others speak on its behalf. Among diverse options readily available, case studies have attained maximum recognition as social proof. They show how exactly an organization helped in the past.

You can use numbers like the total amount of customers, tasks completed in a month, etc. Have few credibility elements on the webpage above fold too like icons of a former client’s business logo or platforms where you have been featured, etc. Now, these icons must be displayed with feint opacity; otherwise, they might start competing with your CTAs.


9. Sales Funnel

The primary objective of the website is building trust, so having a proper sales funnel is necessary. Use enticing content, and let prospects reach a survey or free giveaway in return for their contact information. Lead magnets are usually placed on top of the page right above navigational elements.

They would also look good on the sidebar, blog post, footer, or triggered via people scrolling out of the page. A thank you section at the end is perhaps the last step of the sales funnel. Having your own or your entire team’s picture can allow people to believe in your company more. Now isn’t that great?


10. Speed

Finally, yet importantly, consumers would become frustrated if your website takes a prolonged period to load. As per the latest studies, even a mere two-second delay could reduce user satisfaction by about 3.8%. Investing in a secure web hosting benefits, but there are several other ways through which you can increase site speed. Major ones among lot include:

• Cut back on HTTPS requests.

• Combine or compress larger files.

• Decrease time needed to first byte.

• Improve server responses.

• Operate compression audit.

• Decrease the size of images.

• Allow browser caching.

Apart from considering aspects specified above, entrepreneurs must test website continuously to see what works within a short period, and on a limited budget. If things appear challenging, they can certainly rely upon the third party.

Although diverse options are readily available, choose somebody experienced, who has profound knowledge about different online marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization, pay per click advertising, etc.

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