How Frontend Developers Can Assist Web Designers

Post by admin | October 29, 2019

A frontend web developer is accountable for implementing interactive and visual implements for engaging the users. They basically get the support from the backend developers who work in the server-side applications.

Frontend developers are also known as UI developers because they play the most crucial role in designing the user interface of a site. A front end developer also has to collaborate with designers in order to work more efficiently.

In fact, it is their job to help designers to understand how the web works. In this post, we will take you through a complete guide and reveal how a UI developer can empower a designer’s work.


The Background of UX Designer

Most of the UX designers start their journey with using tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Now, if you think carefully, then you will understand that graphic designers who are responsible for creating visual brand identities mainly use these tools. Marketing designers also use these tools for designing banners and other marketing materials.

It means most of the frontend developers spend their early days in designing things for print. So it can be considered as their first big challenge because they are supposed to design layouts for screens, but in this case, they are creating stuff for print. Here they enjoy complete freedom for using images, typography, and colors without performance constraints.


New Way of Thinking

UI developers have to understand the fact that the website or app that they will design will be displayed on different types and sizes of devices. So it is their common goal to create a familiar experience across their journey.

Developers often think that designers are very picky about pixel alignments, but they never try to understand the reason behind it. They have to understand the fact that it is beyond their consistency and fidelity. It is a sum of all the parts of their working. If developers want to understand these things in detail, then they should consider understanding the fundamentals of design principles.


Magnifying the Awareness of the Designers

Developers often take designers for granted. But they should not do that. It is their responsibility to keep them updated with the latest web updates.

Designers think that anything can be built. They do not consider browser compatibility. On the other hand, some of them take the limitations of the web seriously and start assuming that it is not possible to implement everything for the web. However, developers need to teach the real possibilities of web design. It will help them not to hold back their skills and allow them to unlock their true potential.



Coding is the core job of a developer. Here we are not asking developers to teach them how to code. But they should at least show them how codes work. They can use tools like Firefox Page Inspector for showing this thing. In a session like this, they will understand how developers create different types of elements and how they work.


Ask Your Designers to Join the Development Process

You need to ask the designers to join your meeting, as well as your operations. This type of session will help him/her to understand how web development takes place. As a result, it will become easier for him/her to understand why a feature takes time to implement on the web.


Ask Them to Include You in the Design Process

You also need to ask your designer to add you in the designing process. In a session like this, you will discover ho designers work and what actually matters to them. Whenever a designer will request you to make a change, ask him/her the reason behind it. By doing this, you will learn more about the process.


Beyond The Code Editor

Many web developers think that their only job is to write codes on the editor and run them. If you are one of them, then you are making a big mistake. Look around yourself, and you will understand how the organization works.

It will help you to understand the business better, which will help you to work more efficiently. In addition to that, you also have to listen carefully to your designers. The more you will speak with the designer, the higher the trust will gain.


UI Systems

You should also consider asking your designer to share their design system with you. If they don’t have any standard design system yet, then encourage them to create one. Once they share the system with you in the next stage of the journey, you have to go through it and ensure that you are familiar with their UI system.


Leave a Note

If you are working on an enormous project where many people are working, then you should consider acknowledging the real source of truth. At the end of the day, if you make any critical changes in your operation, then consider leaving a note for all the members of your team. It will help you to keep the communication smooth.


Give Designers Valuable Feedback

Developers often end up complaining about the designer whenever something went wrong in a project. Instead of doing such things, you can consider giving them valuable feedback. It will improve their designing skills. Due to this reason, you will also get the chance to enhance the overall quality of your project.


Quicker the Feedback, Better the Effect

Giving feedback is not everything. In addition to that, you also have to know the right time to give them feedback. So if you provide them the feedbacks just before the deadline, then it won’t help them. So you need to keep close eyes on their job throughout the project timeline. If you spot anything wrong in their job, then you have to discuss it immediately. In addition to that, you should also appreciate their work.


Use Simple Terms

During your meeting with the designer, don’t use too many technical terms. Let us suppose you need to minimize the number of requests. So just ask them to do it because if they don’t do it, then the site will load slow, which will directly affect the UX of the website. This simple explanation will help them to understand why they need to perform the job.

However, if you start explaining everything in detail, then it might even frighten them. So help them to understand things in simple words. However, if you think that they are interested in learning the fundamental of web development, then you can consider using technical terms.


Stop Making Assumptions

Many developers often get tempted to speed up things, and due to this reason, they usually start coding based on the assumptions. However, if you continue doing such things, then you might end up affecting the UX of your site. So if you are in doubt, then consider visiting the designer to clarify it and after that, start coding.


Ask for Collaboration

If someone asks you to implement a design that is too hard, and if you accept the job without saying, “It’s impossible,” then the result will be very distressful. So instead of doing that, you should consider explaining that the job they are asking you to do is pretty challenging, and you won’t be able to accomplish it on your own so you will be needed help from a designer.

By speaking up your mind, it will become really easier for you to get help, which will enable you to accomplish the project in a hassle-free way and allow you to deliver the best possible result.


The Ideal State and Beyond

One of the biggest challenges of designers is to understand their users. After that, they have to design such a layout that the client will love. Well, things won’t always go as smooth as we have mentioned above.

As a developer, you also have to tell them that many other things can happen with the project. If you don’t tell them these things, then it might create a gap that will affect the collaborative performance of your team.  If you want to avoid these gaps, then you have to let your designers know about the following scenarios:


  1. Worst-case scenario:

We don’t want to discuss this scenario in detail. Just tell your designers that the worst possibilities may come true in this case.

  1. Interaction states:

In the state, when the browser does things more than just hovering or clicking, are known as interaction states. Different types of conditions come under this umbrella state, and the list includes default, focus, disable, hover, active, error, and more. So ask your designer to pay proper attention to all these things.

  1. The loading state:

When developing site developers often use mocks that take time to load. They need to discuss with the designer to fix the load time in the live state.

Discussing all these things with your designer will help you to accomplish the entire development process smoothly.


Make the Changes

Developers don’t like others to find a bug in their codes, especially if a designer reports it. However, if anyone (even if the designer) find bugs in your code then take it generously and make the required changes. So focus on putting your ego aside and fix all the bugs. It will improve the overall quality of your job. In addition to that, you should also consider acknowledging their recommendations.


Off the Record

If you think carefully, then you will understand that all of us (designers and developers) have to deliver the job to accomplish the project within the deadline. But don’t just stick with it. You should also keep on experimenting. So consider visiting the designer’s workspace and try new things. You never know what might come up from there.


In the End

If you learn new things from the designing team, then it will also improve your overall thought process. It will allow you to think in creative ways. Meanwhile, you also need to talk with your designers and discuss with them about the web development process.

It will help you to create a bridge between the design and development team. As a result, the collaborative performance of your team will improve gradually. It will harness the best from every member of your team. It will also improve efficiency at work.

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