Advantages of Focusing Solely on SEO As Your Niche

Post by admin | August 22, 2018

SEO or search engine optimization is the next big thing in the IT sector and no one can challenge that. There are more and more SEO companies emerging day by day. The difficulty one might face while starting his or her SEO agency is what path the agency will choose.

There are two kinds of the path you can choose as an SEO in Cape Town:

  1. You can take on any client and provide any service that is oriented within the industry
  2. Or, you can become a specialist by focusing on some specific niche

It’s not that one these will guarantee you the success. There are examples of individuals who have had success by choosing both the paths. So, it’s up to you to decide where you want to focus.


Positives of SEO Niche

When you are targeting every client, then you will have a hard time rejecting a project. After all, you are in this business to make good money.  This will lead you to plenty of projects and in no time your agency will be up and running.

But, when you are solely focusing on SEO as a niche then you will be saying no to a whole lot of clients. This will give you the clarity of work and focus that you need to scale up your business and become a specialist in this industry in the long run.

Specialized Knowledge of SEO

As you are focusing on a specific niche, over time, you will attain specialized knowledge of it. Your advertisements as a provider of SEO services in Cape Town will have a strong base because you will not have to exaggerate much. Also, having a deep knowledge of the industry will impress a lot of clients. It will create the difference between you and your competitors who are not focussing on your specified niche. The secret mantra of being the best in the industry is that you have to be the SEO and not an SEO and you can only be that by delivering a whole lot more results than you promised.

Customer Retention

This is something that very few Cape Town SEO company focuses. However, in order to grow your business, you need to create a client base who will be loyal to your service and only after that you can look to increase your client base. When you are specialized in something, clients will not be that eager to leave you behind for that work. They all want results and the possibility of getting those results is far more when working with an SEO who is a specialist. So, you will have more customer retention than other in this field.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to focus on one niche of everything that comes under the roof of the industry is your choice but focusing on one niche will help you in the long run.

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