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Influence of Golden Ratio in Graphic & Web Design

Web Design, | November 8, 2019

Creating a stunning website or graphical image is not a cakewalk. Creativity plays a big role here. If you want to improve your designing skills, then you will also need knowledge of mathematics and science. The artwork of Salvador Dali or Da Vinci or other artists look amazing. We also feel the same thing when we see ancient Roman sculptures. If you look carefully at all these artworks, then you will find one more thing apart from creativity, which is known as the golden ratio. The purpose of this post is to discuss the golden ratio and its influence in graphic & web design. Golden Rati...

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Best Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Website

Seo,Web Design, | November 2, 2019

There is a rule called the 30:1 rule. It says that if you show your products or services to 30  people then only one of them will make a purchase or hire you. When it comes to online conversion, the number gets down to only 2%. Here comes the biggest question, how businesses can improve their online performance and boost their conversion rate. Well, in this post, we have brought a solution for you. So continue reading to know the art of increasing your website’s conversion rate. Define Your Target Market Businesses have to understand the fact that not everyone will buy their products or ...

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