Lessons for Web Designers from Web Developers

Web Design,Website Development, | September 10, 2019

Web designers focus on the visual elements of a website. Their primary job is to balance the layout, choosing the right color and the theme for the site, etc. They make the website as pleasing as possible to enhance its UX. So finally, it is fair to conclude that web design is the process of combining visual elements with quality UX to create such a website that people would love to stick around. User experience or UX is the most vital aspect of web design. Every dollar that you will spend today on the UX of your site will result in a higher conversion rate. Meanwhile, it is also important ...

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How to Design an Inclusive Website? 8 Major Steps to Implement

Web Design, | September 5, 2019

What would you do after knowing that about one billion people cannot visit your website, or even if they manage to stopover, cannot navigate or understand it? Are you willing to change such a situation? Now the figure stated might seem like an exaggeration, but latest statistics have shown that nearly one billion people or 15% of total world’s population is temporarily or permanently disabled, hence, unfortunately, fail to operate diverse digital media. Inclusivity is empowering discriminated or marginalized sections of society, or in other words, helping people, who suffer from any sort of...

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The Art of Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Site

Web Design, | September 3, 2019

Selecting the right color for a website can be a challenging job. If you get the color combo wrong, then your site won't be able to attract as much traffic as you have expected. It will also increase the bounce rate of the site. By choosing the right color for your website, you will be able to improve your brand recognition, and it will also encourage your visitors to spend more time on the website. In this post, we will take you through a complete guide and help you to choose the right color scheme for your site. Selecting the Right Color When choosing the right color scheme for your sit...

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