Innovative Web Design Trends Businesses Should Focus in 2019

Web Design, | March 27, 2019

Indeed hard to believe, but 2019 suggest that we are heading towards the wrap of the decade. It remains no doubt that the World Wide Web or internet has seen tremendous changes in the last ten years. The industry witnessed the onset of VR, AR, AI and AMP, the reign of mobile and many other technologies, only to offer excellent user-experience. It is also true that in some years, web designing trends have pushed towards extensive inventiveness – abandoning grids as well as conventional stock photos to have vibrant illustrations, asymmetrical layouts, bold color schemes and lot more. Ove...

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User Interface Design: Top Seven Pillars to Consider

Web Design, | March 20, 2019

Web designers face a wide range of challenges. For instance, their ever-expanding field is lately shifting towards UI or user interface. Building sites and applications by keeping an approach such as user interface (UI) in mind would allow viewers, regardless of what device they are utilizing, be it desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, to have an agreeable experience altogether. Even though it might seem immensely easy, when investing in UI, web designers must be first thoroughly acquainted with seven pillars namely clarity, context, preferred action, feedback, default, easing, and guided ...

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Best Reasons Why Designers Should Be Conversant in SEO

Seo, | March 13, 2019

For most of the web designers, designing a website can turn out to be a lot more than just usability, functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. A good website has the ability to drive a significant amount of traffic to the site. Although to ensure that the flow of traffic is relevant, you should have the expertise in SEO. Both on-page and off-page SEO are the crucial factors for any given website over the web. This post will talk about the facts why web designers should be conversant in SEO to design a website that should not only attract visitors but also fetch higher rankings on the SERP...

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User Interface Design: Learn About Human-Computer Interactions

Web Design, | March 6, 2019

The term user interface (UI) is referred to the space where the interactions between machines and humans take place. The purpose of this interaction is to encourage human users to control the machine from his end and make effective operations. The machine simultaneously feeds back data to the users and influences their decision-making process. When it comes to web interface, the term refers to the UI of a website. Its purpose is to enhance the quality of the interaction between a user and the software which is running on the web server. In this post, we will discuss about some of the best c...

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List of 6 Free Code Snippets that are Possible with CSS

Web Design, | March 2, 2019

Web developers working in the industry are always keen on learning the latest techniques for designing websites. The advent of CSS3 has become a significant turning point for the majority of the frontend developers along with a collection of new properties supported by advanced web browsers. As the race of having quality web standards is rapidly increasing into the future, dedicated web developers are striving hard for creating attractive idea those were implausible to date. The post deals with some of the free code snippets that are perfect for the developers, especially those who want to m...

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